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Third Time's a Charm

I think I should remember this password. I do love Star Trek.

It's been raining on and off all week and I love it. It's like we brought a little piece of the UK back with us. I should have brought more biscuits back to eat during tea time.  

Haven't done much lately. Caught up on some Hulu and started watching Cowboy Bebop again.
It's Deja Vu people; I had to reset my password AGAIN. I'll bet you I'm resetting it to the same damn thing too.

Well it's been a spring/summer full of disappointment at the theater; and that is only because I have yet to see Inception and Despicable Me. I know you're thinking why the hell haven't I seen either film; and I'm thinking it too. Of the six or so movies I HAVE seen, very few truly entertained me. They are as follows:

Alice In Wonderland - Tim Burton's visuals once again top the charts. His characters and environments were so visually stunning that you couldn't look away even if you wanted to. Burton was clearly born for this. 
Aside from this high praise I feel something was lost in this film. Wonderland should have been a place for Burton to let loose his imagination. Although the characters feel like they belong in Wonderland, they seem to be lacking a bit of non-sense. Wonderland seems to have crashed into Narnia with a great battle scene in the end. I understand the need for a steady flowing plot and I do appreciate the reference to the chess board but all of the heroics and cohesion was quite unnecessary. Worth seeing but wait for DVD.

How To Train Your Dragon - One of the best animated movies I have ever seen. Witty and touching, this film is a must see. I hope to one day add this film to my own collection. The animation is stunning and the dragon is just too cute. What more do you need? Two thumbs up!  

Iron Man 2 - Not having read Iron Man, I found the film to be another amusing segment from the world of Tony Stark. Robert Downey Junior lays on the charisma as he does so well and the film lays on the special effects. They seem to be trying a bit too hard to top the first film. Don't get me wrong, there are a few segments of effects that are a must see; including Micky Rourke and his whips. Overall Iron Man 2 falls short of the first installment but I look forward to the next.

The Last Airbender - Another film where my hopes were dashed upon the rocks of disaster. If you bought a ticket to this I'm sorry. This was a complete waist of money. I used to speak his name with such high reverence but this was a career killer of a movie for M Night Shyamalan. He seems to have completely disregarded the series in terms of well everything. The characters have no depth whatsoever and the plot is so choppy that you would have expected it to be shorter than an hour and forty minutes. The special effects are drawn out and all together horrible looking. There should be less flailing around and more bending. To top it all off he appears to have mispronounced the main characters name as well as other major characters. How in the name of mother Mary do you screw up something like that? Shyamalan has officially ruined one of the greatest cartoons of all time as well his reputation in the movie business. This was a painful movie to watch and I fear there may be a second one on the way. Two thumbs down!  

Toy Story 3 - In my opinion, done just as well as the first! All your favorite characters are still together and better than ever. Woody and Buzz come back to save the day once again with the help of some old and new friends.There are many points in which you cannot keep from laughing. I particularly enjoyed the transformation of Buzz into Spanish mode. Michael Keaton was fabulous as the metro-sexual Ken doll and I was thrilled he graced us with his talents. The short itself in the beginning was just as amusing and well worth the money; as was the film. With a gripping plot and many well placed jokes Pixar does it again. Bravo!

Dinner For Schmucks - One thing is for certain. When you go see a Steve Carell movie you know you're going to have a good laugh. Although I feel that his characters are strangely similar, this one you actually feel for. I love that Jemaine Clement was cast in this because it just made it that much better. On the other hand the plot was the same as always, ending with a lesson learned by the main character. The film also ran a bit too long. Overall not quite worth the ticket price.  

There you have it. . . . a complete summary of how I spend my precious time; minus the other painful hours of watching the World Cup. I plan on watching more movies this year but I have learned to never get my hopes up again.  All for now, more later.

And if you disagree with me in any way, I would absolutely love it if you would tell me why. Please . . . I triple dog dare you.

It's Been Ages

It's been a lifetime since I wrote in this thing. I even had to reset my password because I couldn't remember it anymore.

I had an epiphany the other day about this online Journal and I decided that I would transform it into a movie review Journal if you will. I figure since I spend most of my free time watching movies I might as well put my opinions to good use. Most of what I watch is provided courtesy of Netflix, which I absolutely love using. Since a movie ticket costs around ten dollars I save those special occasions for a movie I know I will enjoy. I would post on The Wolfman but I think I've talked about it enough already to some people. I do highly recommend it though, so long as you don't go into the theater ready to compare it to the original. Don't expect much character development, this isn't the 40's. It's shot beautifully and there is a nice twist somewhere in there. That's all I'm going to say about that.  

So just a heads up, I won't regularly have posts about my life unless something really interesting comes up. I doubt that will happen.
Wow, so it's been a while. Haven't had much to say I guess. Work sucks lately. I sit on a bench in the heat smoking a cigarette most days. I usually see nothing of interest in a mall parking lot apart from idiots who can't drive and don't know the meaning of an arrow. Today was quite different. It's been raining like mad lately and I see nothing but clouds. It's refreshing to not see the sun. I snapped a picture on my mobile and this was what I got. Not bad wouldn't you say?

Best thing I've seen at that damn mall.

More later. Off to fall asleep on a book.  
It's been raining a lot lately and I love it. Although it got a bit colder too and now it's making me sick. Plus it means no beach time. I guess it will give me some time to heal from the last beach days which turned me into a lobster.

I'm having work put up in the Starbucks near my place. It's only three pieces but I'm excited. I'm desperately hoping they will sell. The manager was overly flattering but I let it slide. I'm not going to stop someone from saying that I'm brilliant at what I do; even if I don't believe a word of it. Maybe she'll let me regularly hang work there for the next year. Now all that's left is to pick which three pieces.

It'll hang for three weeks starting the 30th at Starbucks on Victory St. Stop by some time.
Damn people are loud. We've finally moved to the new place and I end up with some noisy neighbors, again. I think somehow my entire life is just one big test of my patience. I have such great luck and such bad luck at the same time. I am a big ironic mess; it's quite funny.

Sleep now, work tomorrow. . . .

If Ever

Still stuck in Garden City and it's killing me. The other day I stepped outside only to get a face full of paper pulp. I almost died on the spot. I need this move. It's like having your slate wiped clean all over again. I always feel rejuvenated after moving. I am truly a lover of change. I'm surprised anyone can put up with me, especially my parents.

I took some new photos. I hope somebody takes them soon. I think I may just be being lazy. I hate this freelance crap. I need structure damn it. Well have a look see ans tell me what you think.


  There's more . . . maybe if I ever get my website up you'll see more, more often.

   I'm leaving Garden City and never coming back. That sounds horrible but I really can't stand the place anymore. It smells like a giant fart half the time, is far away from everything, and the train runs right behind the house. We've found a new place to live on the east side of the city. Our new abode is on a random peace of suburbia that you wouldn't expect to find in the midst of Savannah. As long as we're approved we'll be setting up our new home starting the 17th. I'm excited and I can't quite contain it.

Movie Binge

I just wrote a whole paragraph and then erased it. I swear to God I'm a dumb-ass.

Let's talk movies. The good, the bad, and the in between. If that makes any sense, go me. So here it goes.

The Happening: I gave it 4 stars. I seem to be the only person who enjoyed this movie. I may be playing favoritism but I do love Shyamalan's films. Fujimoto's filming is brilliant as usual. The scene with the mass shooting over the hill was; is there a better word for genius? I gave it four stars mostly because I found the plot a new and interesting way to massacre mankind. The only thing I found a bit odd were the characters played by Wahlberg and XDeschanel. They were; well they were goofy for lack of a better word. Overall it was worth watching.

Iron Man: 5 stars. Robert Downey Jr. was most agreeable. His wit is to be envyed. I don't know anything about Iron Man and it's probably better that way. I'm sure if I did I would find flaws all over the place like with the last disaster of a Spiderman movie. The voice overs for Iron Man and his enemy were actually decent. Ghost Rider could have benefited from a better voice. Other than that I give the effects two thumbs up.

Thank You For Smoking: Another 5 stars. This movie was made by it's actors. Each one perfectly fits their character. To add to this, it was also quite humorous.

Fell asleep . . . more later



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